REProduce is based in New Delhi, India - directly in the middle of a growing surge of musical talent, venues, and a captive audience.


Within this unique space however lies a certain challenge: how to maintain curatorial control and a distinct vision when surrounded by an nascent industry that is more interested in capitalizing financially in the short term as opposed to doing something truly innovative, sustainable, and interesting in the long term? 

Our goal is to forge spaces to allow for the kind of shows where people will walk away from it thinking they just witnessed something really special, outside of the world of standard venues.  We've put on 300 artists across over 200 events in Asia, Europe, and North America, ranging from showcases at trade fairs like SXSW, festival stages in Europe to 10,000 fans, and bespoke musical interventions ranging from palaces in the Himalayas to decommissioned army bunkers in Shanghai.

We want to allow our audiences to experience something unprecedented - be it the music, the performance, and of course all the points where those two elements meet, allowing for that magic balance to tip and spill into a collective memory.



E378 Greater Kailash 2, Top Floor
New Delhi, India 110048